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Grassfed Beef | Nutrition Facts and Recipes
Dr. Robert H. Lustig MD in Fat Chance: Beating the Odds Against Sugar, Processed Food, Obesity, and Disease, says:

There are two kinds of beef: grassfed beef and corn (grain)-finished beef.

Eat all you want, when you want, of grassfed beef; it's good for you.

Avoid corn-finished beef; it's bad for you.

Pasture-raised, grassfed beef has significantly less fat than grain-fed beef - similar to chicken.

In a 3 oz. serving,
grams of fat:

Grain-fed beef loin: 8
Grass-fed beef: 2
Commercial chicken: 1


Pasture-raised, grassfed beef has the nutritional elements of the grass the cattle eat.

For instance
Omega 3s
Conjugated linolenic acid
Vitamin E

Grassfed beef is
salad on the hoof.


Beef Steak
Brangus beef provides a lean meaty flavor of beef, with notes of the steer's grassy home fields.
Grain-fed commodity beef often has little beef flavor, tasting instead like soapy grease.

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Henry Reed, Cabin Creek